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Director Middelaldercentret (DK)

From: 2021 to 2023

Director Middelaldercentret (DK)

In Denmark, about 1.5 hours south of Copenhagen, one will find the Middelaldercentret. Founded in 1992, the founding father Peter Vemming retired in 2021 and I took over. There was a lot to do, partly because of big challenges in the region: a tunnel was being built to Germany and all tourist attractions on Lolland-Falster should up their game considerably for that.

I arrived in the aftermath of Corona, and shortly after that, Russia invaded Ukraine, which resulted in even more challenges for everybody.

First successes were an overall better PR (new websites, active Social Media), and heavy work on visitor services (restaurant and shop). We used a lot of time to get a proper strategy agreed by all stakeholders, including the volunteers and the board. Maintenance of the mediaeval village was better structured, I looked at the IT and the collection of data of our customers. Under my leadership, the Middelaldercentret got more actively involved in local and national networks regarding tourism, education and museums.

After many years of ever worse visitor numbers, in 2022 the Middelaldercentret was considerably better attended and there was a base for healthy further development.


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