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Publications & Edited Volumes

Publications (Selection)


The Roman Limes on the Lower Rhine: A European Border’s Visibility in Landscape and Museums

by R. de Bruin, A. Hertog and R. Paardekooper

In: A. Mac Devitt, M. Foehn & S. Heft (editors), Museum International, Vol. 69, pp 273-274, 2017, Museums and Cultural Landscapes: New Directions | Cultural Routes | Field Reports, Paris: ICOM & Blackwell Publishing, pp 114-125.


Archäologische Freilichtmuseen: Geschichte, Qualität und Praxis

In: O. Chvojka et al. (editors), Fines Transire 15, 2016, Archäologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ostbayern/West- und Südböhmen/Oberösterreich, 25. Treffen, 2015 in Bärnau, Rahden/Westf.: Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH, pp 53-60.


Archaeological open-air museums across Europe. Their 125 years history and a debate on their future
In: J. Gancarski 
(editor), Skanseny Archeologiczne i Archeologia Eksperymentalna, proceedings of the 2006 Krosno Conference, Krosno: Muzeum Archeologiczne, pp 13-34.


Performance in Experimental Archaeology, Any Possibility for Unambiguous Statements?
In: T. Kerig & A. Zimmermann 
(editors), Economic Archaeology: From Structure to Performance, Habelt (UPA series), pp 264-272.


The Value of an Archaeological Open-Air Museum is in its use. Understanding Archaeological Open-Air Museums and their Visitors
Leiden, Sidestone Press, 342 pp. (PhD Thesis, available here)


Experimental Activities, a European Perspective
In: B. Petersson & L. Narmo 
(editors), Experimental Archaeology, between enlightenment and experience, vol. 62, Acta Archeologica Lundensia, Lund: Lund University, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, pp 69-86.


Archaeological Open-Air Museums as Time Travel Centres
In: Lund Archaeological Review, vol. 2009-2010, Lund: Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Lund, pp 61-70.


An Experiment of Integrated Technologies in Digital Archaeology: Creation of New Pipelines to Increase the Perception of Archaeological Data

by N. Dell’Unto, M. Wallergård, M. Dellepiane, S. Lindgren, J. Eriksson, B. Petersson, R. Paardekooper

In: F. Contreras, M. Farjas and F.J. Melero (editors), Proceedings of the 38th Annual Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, CAA2010, pp 463-468.


Experience instead of Event: Changes in Open-Air Museums Post-Coronavirus

by R. Paardekooper and  A. Pothaar

In: EXARC Journal 2020/2,


The Use and Relevance of Archaeological Open-Air Museums

In: EXARC Journal 2020/1,


Everybody Else is doing It, so Why Can’t We?
Low-tech and High-tech Approaches in Archaeological Open-Air Museums

In: EXARC Journal 2019/4,

Edited Volumes


Experiencing Archaeology by Experiment, Experimental Archaeology Conference 2007

Editors:  P. Cunningham, J. Heeb and R. Paardekooper, Exeter: Oxbow Books.


Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop, experimental and educational aspects of bronze metallurgy, Wilhelminaoord 18 – 22 October 1999

Editors: R. Paardekooper, C. Tulp and N. Meeks; Leiden: VAEE.


The Roman Frontier along the River Rhine. The Role of Museums in revitalizing Cultural Landscapes.

Editors: R. de Bruin, A. Hertog & R. Paardekooper, Eindhoven: ICOM Netherlands.


Experiments Past, Histories of Experimental Archaeology,
Editors: J. Reeves Flores and R. Paardekooper, Leiden: Sidestone Press.


Guide to the archaeological open air museums in Europe

Editors: A. Pelillo, R. Paardekooper, I. Pulini, C. Zanasi & G. Caruso, Modena: Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico di Modena.

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