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From: 2010 to 2012


In 2010-2012 a “Grundtvig Learning Partnership” was active, by the name Didarchtik. This was in fact a decentralised project meaning the framework was created at the beginning, the reporting was done at the end, but the two-year project itself was under total responsibility of the partners themselves.

Partners were EXARC, a school for adult education in ancient techniques, Bäckedals Folhögskola in Sweden, the national association for archaeological experiments and education in the Netherlands, VAEE, and six archaeological open-air museums.

In Didarchtik, it was about the exchange of experiences and developing instruments in the field of adult education in archaeological open-air museums. Among others, we tried to find out more about the diversity of our adult public. Besides Didarchtik, a simultaneous project was created, Zeitgeist.


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