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From: 2010 to 2012

There was much interest when I informed EXARC members by the end of 2009 about the possibility for a simple international project under the flag of the EU Lifelong Learning Project (LLLP). In the end, 15 EXARC members intended to participate. When we found out this was too much for a single project, the group was split in two applications which I prepared up to submitting.

Zeitgeist was the smaller brother of Didarchtik and was formally under coordination of the Hunebedcentrum with me assisting in its execution. It ran from mid 2010 to Mid 2012. Besides the Hunebedcentrum we had four other archaeological open-air museums in the group and an educational camp with good links to the University of Barcelona. Zeitgeist dealt among others with the pre- and post-visit experience and to better understand the possibilities of experimental archaeology and live interpretation as instruments for adult education.


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