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OpenArch Community Manager

From: 2011 to 2015

OpenArch Community Manager

OpenArch was a 5-Year EU Project which included nine archaeological open-air museums, the University of Exeter and EXARC. Project goals were to improve these museums in the fields of management, visitors, crafts and science. I was the project’s community manager. I advertised the largest events of the partners as well as any OpenArch related event including the 10 conferences, numerous workshops and smaller events. I also managed the project’s Twitter account as well as several Facebook groups and pages and LinkedIn groups with a total reach of over 5,000 followers. I was also active on other social media on behalf of OpenArch and its partners. With building up our own experience on social media, I was also able to teach the others where needed on how to handle these channels: Twitter for example is no one-way street only!


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