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PR Manual: Communication Strategy

From: 2013

PR Book "Communication Strategy"

One of the products related to the OpenArch project was the PR Book "Communication Strategy". Based on my experience in PR for Archaeological Open-Air Museums, and together with Mohini Visions, I wrote (and designed) in 2013 a 56 p manual on Communication and PR. It includes Strategies for Archaeological Open-Air Museums and was made possible thanks to OpenArch Project.

PR Book "Communication Strategy"

Besides the actual writing and editing, the work included as well: 1. collecting data from the 11 OpenArch partners (using questionnaires, an open discussion and e-mails), 2. Structuring the information, 3. Presentation given in Albersdorf (DE), during the OpenArch meeting about the conclusions from the questionnaire plus some tips & tricks.

In November 2013 it was distributed between OpenArch Members.

It is available online at:


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