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Time Travel (SE)

From: 2009 to 2011

Time Travel

Coming from the background of the large interest for time travel in all its ways this project focussed on the different ways society is using time travelling. What role do the past and the future play today? What tools do people choose to travel to the past or future? How do time travels look like? The project looked into the different media which are used as tools for time travelling: film, images, art, music, full scale reconstructions, 3D-animations and Virtual Reality. What are the moral and ethic aspects of time travelling and what about emotions which arouse when we use new media and techniques?

This project was run by Lunds University with Dr Petersson as project leader together with Dr Holtorf (Linnéuniversitetet Kalmar). I ran the project secretariat. I was selected for this work because of the expertise regarding archaeological open-air museums and running project-like secretariats. Besides that, I bridge from Scandinavia towards the rest of Europe, both in language and contents. For the years 2009 – 2011, funding was received from the Crafoord Stiftelse. Although main fields of attention were archaeology and virtual/augmented reality, there were partners in the group regarding archaeological open-air museums, history, ethnology, art and music science, philosophy and technique.

The field of study was about 4 directions:

  • Time travel between materiality and virtuality

  • Time travel in the experience market (for example Pine & Gilmore The Experience Economy 1999; Rolf Jensen The Dream Society 1999)

  • "Gestaltning" of time travelling

  • Time travel and ethics

In the initial stage, 3 open air sites were selected, Lofotr Viking Museum (NO), Sagnlandet Lejre (DK) & Uppåkra (SE). For these three sites, tools were developed to enhance the interpretation by means of augmented or virtual reality. Several workshops were organised in Sweden and Denmark as well as a field trip to the Netherlands and Belgium. For more information see


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