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Ludger Church (NL)

From: 2001 to 2006

Ludger Church

In 2001, a short documentary appeared on national television. In Zelhem, a simple first church was constructed – temporarily – as reminder that 1200 years before at that same spot, Saint Ludger founded the first little church. Soon plans arose for a more permanent church. This of course should not just withstand the times, but should as well appear reasonably authentic, a good little wooden building that is.

In the following 5 years, I regularly advised the workgroup, together with Jeroen Flamman, on the one hand on content (how were wooden churches and more general – wooden buildings – constructed in the 9th – 11th century), on the other hand concerning safety, public, permits and the such. Other members of te advisory board were an architect and different people from Zelhem itself.


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